Best Auto GPS

How to Find It

You might be surprised that you can easily find the best auto GPS on  Amazon is much more than just a shopping website.  It has powerful search and sort functions that make it a research tool to help you find the GPS you want.

On the first of each month, I publish a list of the 10 Top GPS units sold on Amazon.  I use the "Best Sellers" feature on Amazon to develop this list.  Since Amazon is the largest online retailer on the Internet, I feel that the GPS sales on Amazon are a good indication which is the best selling auto GPS unit.  Each time a person "votes with their credit card" by buying a vehicle GPS, I am taking advantage of the research they performed while making the decision to purchase the particular GPS.

There are so many features that one should consider when purchasing an automotive GPS such as:

  • What is the size of the display? The larger screens are easier to see while driving.
  • Make certain that the GPS speaks street names.  Most of the new GPS give verbal directions.
  • Is the display bright in direct sunlight so it is easy to read?
  • Does the GPS have lane assist with junction view to help you through complicated intersections?
  • Do you get lifetime map updates without having to pay for updates in the future?
  • Does the GPS display the speed limit where you are located?  This can help keep you out of trouble.
  • Check the map coverage to verify that the maps cover your location (US, Canada, Europe).
  • Does the GPS provide walking maps and public transportation information?
  • How long is the battery life? If you use the GPS for walking directions, will it have enough battery life?

You can find most of the answers to these questions on Amazon.  The GPS reviews on Amazon are quite helpful since they give you first hand, the feedback from people who have purchased and used the GPS units.

Find the Best Auto GPS using Amazon

When you go to Amazon and search for "GPS" under the Electronics category, you can narrow your search to Best Sellers in Vehicle GPS Units & Equipment.  This will display the list of the best auto GPS units ranked in high to low order as shown in the picture.

Click on the picture to go to the page on Amazon that will show you the bestselling auto GPS.

Best Auto GPS

Best of luck in finding the auto GPS you want.