Best GPS Value

Find the best GPS value by using as your research assistant.

Amazon is much more than just a shopping website.  It has search and sort functions that make it a powerful research tool that you can use to find the GPS you want.  It is simple to use as shown in the following steps.

The first step opens a new window in Amazon.  Switch back and forth between this current window and the new window to follow the steps to find your GPS using Amazon.

Step 1

Click on the following link to open a new window in Amazon with the first search step already completed.  The page will look like this.  Click here to start.

Best GPS Value

Step 2

Click on the link in the left column "GPS & Navigation".

Best GPS Value Search

Step 3

When the page loads, click on the link in the left column "Vehicle GPS"

Best GPS Value Search1

Step 4

When the page loads, click on the link in the left column "Portable Vehicle GPS"

Best GPS Value Search2

Step 5

When the page loads, on the right side of the page, select "Price: Low to High" in the "Sort by" dropdown box.

Best GPS Value Search

Step 7

The final search results will give you several pages that contain the portable vehicle GPS units sorted from low price to high price.  Start your search on the first page and keep looking for the GPS that has the features you require.

Good luck with your quest to find the best GPS value.