Compare Garmin GPS

The best way to compare Garmin GPS units is by using the compare function on the Garmin website.

Click on this link to which will open a new window with the Garmin Home Page displayed.  As you follow the instructions on this page, you can switch back and forth between windows as we proceed. 

On the Garmin home page, float your cursor over the “Products” link on the top of the screen.  This will open a dropdown box where you will float over “Automotive” to click on "Cars".

Garmin Home Page Links

Garmin continues to add enhancements to this comparison feature.  You can Shop by Category (by model year), Shop by Series of Nuvi, and Shop by Features.

You can click on the "View as" to change the way the page presents the information.

Notice the dropdown box showing "Featured Products".  This is where you can sort by the listed groups or order.  I recommend you select "Top Sellers" to begin your search.  This will list the best selling automotive GPS units.

Compare Garmin GPS

You will see a small "Compare" box by each unit.  Click this box to select the GPS for the comparison.  This will place a checkmark in the box and highlight "Compare". There is a limit of four GPS per comparison.

A word of caution about price.  The prices on the Garmin website are list prices which are much higher than the current market prices for the same GPS.  The best prices with a solid return guarantee are found on other websites.  Read more at the bottom of this page.

When you have selected the units for the comparison, click the a highlighted “Compare” button.  This will present the units you have checked in a side by side comparison table showing all available features as shown in the picture below.

Compare Garmin GPS

Scroll down the table to compare Garmin GPS.  The gray shading in a row indicates that there are differences in features between the units in the comparison.  If you want to easily see the differences, click the "Show Only Differences" box.

Compare Garmin GPS

Once you have finished your comparison, I recommend you read customer reviews on the GPS units.  Follow this link for instructions about how to find the best customer reviews.

If you are not interested in reading reviews, I recommend you go to to see the current prices for automotive GPS.  Follow this link to see the best selling automotive GPS (updated hourly).

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