GPS Reviews

How to Find Them

The very best GPS reviews are written by owners of GPS units.  The owners have used the GPS for some time.  They know what is good and what is bad with it.

Many reviews are written by someone who is evaluating the GPS, but has not "lived" with it.  Several weeks of using a GPS everyday as an owner makes a person much more qualified to review a GPS than someone who does a quick review and then goes on to review the next GPS.

I use as my source for GPS reviews.  There are numerous reviews for every GPS sold on Amazon and they are very easy to find.

As an example, here is a picture of the Amazon product page for the Garmin Nuvi 55LM.  This GPS has a four star plus average review.  Click on the "customer reviews" link and you can read all the reviews for the Nuvi 55LM.  You will find them quite revealing.  Another helpful tool is the Q and A section.

GPS Reviews

When you click on the review link, it will load the "Customer Review" page for the Garmin Nuvi 55LM. (Pictured below).

GPS Reviews

From this you can quickly tell:

  • This GPS has a 4.3 star rating for all reviews (408 total reviews)

  • The reviews tend to be favorable with 62% five stars, 21% four stars, 8% three stars, etc.

  • The most helpful favorable review is presented at the top of the page for your ease of access.

GPS Reviews

Amazon used to list the most helpful positive and most helpful critical reviews on this page, but they discontinued that practice.  To see the best and worst reviews click on the "See all 408 customer reviews".  It will display this page.

GPS Reviews

You can then scroll down and read all the reviews and draw your own conclusions.  This is a powerful tool for quickly determining what owners think about the particular GPS.

To start reading reviews, click on the following picture to go to Amazon.  This will put you on the Amazon search results page for GPS & Navigation › Vehicle GPS sorted by Bestselling.  When the page loads, scan down the listed GPS units and find the one you want reviewed.  Click on it to load the product page and click on the review link at the top of the page.


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Good luck in finding the reviews to help you become an educated buyer.