GPS with Traffic Feature - How to Find Them

All the GPS with traffic units sold on can be found sorted by Best Selling in high to low order.  The process is simple to do as shown in the following steps.

The first step opens a new window in Amazon.  Switch back and forth between this current window and the new window to follow the steps to find the traffic GPS you want using Amazon.

Step 1

Click on the following link to open the new window in Amazon with the first search step already completed.  The page will look like this.  Click here to start.

GPS with Traffic Search

Step 2

When the new page loads, click on the "Vehicle" link as shown in the picture below.

GPS with Traffic Search

Step 3

When the new page loads, it contains the search results for the best vehicle GPS on Amazon sorted by "Bestselling" (high to low) .  Now we need to filter out all GPS except the traffic GPS.

Click the link indicated by the arrow below to select only traffic enabled GPS.

GPS with Traffic Search

Step 4

The page shown below will be the first of several pages that contain the GPS traffic units sorted in bestselling order.  Start your search on the first page and keep looking for the GPS that has the features you require.  You will find the your GPS listed in these pages.  To read detailed product information, technical information, or product reviews about a specific GPS, click on the GPS image displayed on these pages.

GPS with Traffic Results

Start your search for the GPS with traffic you want.