Garmin Traffic GPS
How to Find Them

All the Garmin Traffic GPS sold on can be found at by clicking the image below or at

Garmin Traffic GPS

The Garmin traffic GPS will have the the suffix "T" at the end of the unit name.  Example: Garmin Nuvi 2539LMT.

Remember that a Garmin traffic receiver is required for a Traffic GPS to receive and display traffic information.

If you purchase a Garmin GPS that includes traffic, the receiver will be in the box with your GPS and you will be ready to go.

If you purchase a Garmin traffic enabled GPS without a receiver, go to Garmin-Traffic-Receiver for information about how to find the traffic receiver for your unit.

In the Garmin documentation it is not clear that the traffic receiver is not actually in the Garmin GPS.  Even the newest Garmin automotive GPS do not contain built in traffic receivers.  The actual traffic receiver is in the power cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter to power and / or charge the GPS.  The same electrical cable that powers the GPS also carries the traffic data from the receiver in the power cable to the GPS.

Garmin Traffic GPS

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