Garmin Traffic Receiver

A Garmin traffic receiver  is required for a Garmin Traffic GPS to receive and display traffic information.

All of the Garmin traffic GPS fall into the "Traffic Compatible" group.  Some GPS actually include the traffic receiver and traffic subscription in the box.  Garmin calls this group "Traffic Included".

Most current Garmin GPS can be identified as "Traffic Compatible" if they have the suffix "T" at the end of the unit name.  Example: Garmin Nuvi 2539LMT.

One point to make, the Garmin traffic receiver is not actually in the Garmin GPS.  Even the newest Garmin automotive GPS do not contain built in traffic receivers.  Garmin is not really clear about this since it says "integrated traffic receiver" which seems like the receiver would be in the GPS.  Actually, the traffic receiver is in the power cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter to power and / or charge the GPS.  The same electrical cable that powers the GPS also carries the traffic data from the receiver in the power cable to the GPS.  See the picture of the Garmin GTM 60  traffic receiver cable below.

Garmin Traffic Receiver

To find all the Garmin GPS that include traffic, go to  Garmin-Traffic-GPS.

Specs for the cable for most of the traffic receivers are 5.4' (164.6 cm); cigarette lighter adapter 4.5" (11.43 cm); total length 70.3" (178.56 cm).  The plug to the GPS will vary by model so keep reading to make certain the specific GPS will work with the traffic receiver.

There have been several traffic receiver cables over the years.  Older ones include GTM™ 10, GTM™ 12, GTM™ 20, GTM™ 21 (Europe), and GTM™ 25.

If you purchase a Garmin GPS that includes traffic, a traffic receiver will be in the box with your GPS and you will be ready to go.

If you purchased a GPS that is traffic compatible without the receiver, you will need to purchase the correct Garmin traffic receiver for your GPS.  To find the correct traffic receiver, go to the and use the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page.  It says "Search".  Search for "traffic receivers".  Each receiver lists the compatible GPS units that work with it.  Garmin does not make this search easy and you will have to scroll through several pages to locate the all the traffic receivers among the traffic GPS units.

Garmin Traffic Receiver

I recommend that you do not purchase your receiver on the Garmin site, since you will pay the highest price.  Once you find the correct receiver for your GPS, search for it on

The page for the GMT 60 traffic receiver is displayed below.  Click on the "Compatible Devices" tab to see all GPS the work with this model of traffic receiver.

Garmin FM Traffic Receiver Page

To find all the Garmin GPS that include traffic, go to  Garmin-Traffic-GPS.

Now you should know all you need to purchase the correct Garmin traffic receiver.