Resources that you might use

Best Retirement

The Best Retirement Calculators website evaluates the retirement calculators on the Internet and lists only the best, most accurate ones. A great many of the retirement calculators on the Internet do not include all the variables to properly project the retirement needs of the Boomer generation.

Retirement Jobs

The Retirement Jobs Online website helps Boomer retirees evaluate the various options to use the Internet for online retirement jobs.


Living Expenses website compares your retirement living expenses to the national averages in the USA.  You will be favorably surprised how you compare.

The Best

The Best GPS website helps viewers find the best GPS for their needs.  There are many GPS units on the market and this site helps evaluate which unit is the best for a particular application.

The Best

The Best HDTV website helps viewers determine which HDTV best suits their needs.  There are many decisions to be made when purchasing an HDTV and this site helps the viewer make that decision.

Quail Hunter is my hobby website where I write about quail hunting, raising and training bird dogs, and building my hunting car out of a VW bus.  I have posted pictures about all these subjects on this site . Come take a look at South Texas quail hunting.

The Window Replacement

The Window Replacement Experts contains all the information you need to know to replace the windows in your house.  With the current real estate market,  upgrading your existing home is a very wise investment.  New windows will significantly add to the value of your home and reduce your heating and air conditioning costs.