How to Find the Best GPS for the Money

The best GPS for the money can usually be found in a recently discontinued model that the manufacturer is selling at a reduced price to clear inventory.   Most current year GPS models are previous year models that the manufacturer has enhanced with new "bells and whistles", but the basic functions and GPS technical capabilities are the same as the previous year's models.  It is your decision about the value of the upgrades versus the basic GPS features.

A classic example is the Garmin Nuvi 52LM which is a 2013 model.  It has remained the bestselling vehicle GPS for two years even after Garmin released new models in 2014 and 2015.  The Nuvi 52LM remained the best value for a long time.

This information will not tell you specifically which is the best GPS, but it will show you how to find it.  The best GPS changes constantly, and we must use a website that constantly updates GPS information.  I use Amazon for this.  Amazon updates its GPS information hourly so you can't get much more current.

The page below shows your first step.  The GPS units listed will be the best selling automotive GPS units.

It has been my observation since I started this website in 2007 that the majority of GPS buyers are seeking the best value in a GPS and it is usually one of the best selling GPS on Amazon.

Find the Best GPS for the Money

Only the first three search results are shown in the picture above, but the actual search results hold many more GPS listed in high to low selling rank order.  Scan down the page and look for the GPS with the best features for the lowest price.  This will his will be the GPS you seek.  Start your search for the Best GPS for the Money.

Bestselling Vehicle GPS

Once you find the GPS you want, buy it on Amazon.  You get free shipping, Amazon warranty and return policy, and a hassle free experience.