GPS Theft Prevention

GPS Theft Prevention - use a microfiber cloth - Simple, yet very effective. 


Thieves have learned to look for the tell tale rings on the windshield left by the window mount suction cup.


If you do not wipe that ring off, you might as well hang a sign in the window "GPS Inside".

GPS Theft - Broken Window

In August, 2007, police in Montgomery County, Maryland gave away 1,200 micro-fiber cloths free at the  county fair to reduce the theft of GPS units in the county.  The police were responding to the 287 GPS  thefts from automobiles in Montgomery County from June 1 to Aug. 10, 2007. 

A micro-fiber cloth quickly wipes the ring off the windshield.  These cloths do not require any liquid  cleaners and can be used hundreds of times without loosing effectiveness.  Just keep it under your seat and quickly wipe the ring off when you remove the suction cup mount from the windshield.  Locking the GPS and the mount in the trunk gives added protection.

GPS Rings on Windshield

Save your GPS and eliminate the cost (and hassle) of repairs to your car with a simple microfiber cleaning cloth.  Your car repair bill will be more expensive than the cost of the stolen GPS. 

You can buy microfiber cleaning cloths at most stores that sell cleaning supplies.

Did you know that the day when most people buy a security system is the day after their home was burglarized?  Protect you GPS now.

Don't wait.  Don't have to clean up this mess because you didn't take a simple precaution to protect your GPS (and your car window).

GPS Theft - Broken Glass

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